About Carol Cantello​​
Carol Cantello has over 33 years of clinical experience in the fields of Occupational Therapy and Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback. ( the mind-body interaction) She has a vast array of experience working in orthopedic, neurology and psychiatric units as well as in pain centers, outpatient orthopedic and traumatic brain injury programs. From this variety of settings, she has seen the impact of dedication, trauma, and injury on the mind and body and its subsequent impact on movement and the quality of life and performance. These experiences provide her with unique insight into the understanding movement and effective treatment.

Carol is passionate about changing the cultural beliefs that either you must suck up the pain and carry on or give up the things you love or need to do. She identifies the source of your problem and then helps you develop healthy new movement skills, educates you on pain science as well as the healing process. Then she helps you build your capacity to resist injury and have longevity in your chosen activities. And in almost all cases this can be done without drugs, needles or surgery. She loves to help people find the hardest thing they can do well and then improve upon it.

Carol has been active her whole life. She earned 12 varsity letters in high school softball, basketball and tennis and played collegiate softball and basketball. In doing so, she is quite familiar with injury and the rehab process. She is also familiar with what has changed and is often lacking in the process.

When she’s not trying to inspire others to live and move well or working to change the cultural perceptions about pain and performance, Carol loves to be outdoors enjoying either mountain biking or hiking. She also gets out to hear live music and go line dancing as often as she can. If that isn’t enough to keep her on the go, she also makes time for her 3 children and 6 adorable granddaughters. Oh yes, she is making sure they live an active healthy life- style as well.

Carol Cantello OTR/L,
Sr. Fellow BCB