Life Performance

LPT  eliminates pain that occurs during the course of everyday living. It includes improving basic movements necessary for things like getting out of your bed or car, getting off a chair/toilet, getting bathed and dressed. This is known in our industry as the most effective performance therapy out there.

It also includes more demanding things like household cleaning, yard maintenance, driving, computing, childcare as well as all kinds of recreational pursuits.

  • If you want to pick up your child, grandchild, groceries, etc. without back pain... We can help with that!!
  • If you want to be able to turn your head better while backing up your car or improve your ability to drive for long periods without back pain... We can help with that!
  • If you want to be able to get up from a chair or climb stairs without pain... We can help with that!
  • If you want to play a round of golf or tend to your garden without back, hip or knee pain...We can help with that too!!!
  • Whatever it is you do throughout your day.
  • We can help you learn to move better. 
At MPC we fully understand that when people hurt they move less and less. This lack of movement leads to a cascade of chronic health problems.

Our life performance training program teaches you the basic movement patterns necessary for pain-free movement.  We help you build a solid foundation for movement and then enhance it.

We help dispel long-held belief's that pain is a part of life that can't change. And then we prove it!  

In many cases, pain is significantly reduced in just one session.  In all ambulatory cases, patients walk out of the first session moving differently than when they came in. Holding on to those changes and building on them, however; requires practice and further training.

We accomplish this by first doing a thorough evaluation of your movement. We look at how the parts are working individually, but more importantly, we assess how they work together. Then we develop an individualized treatment plan to address your specific needs.

We utilize our MSTS10 program to facilitate healthy movement.

As you are ready, we teach you to apply these proper movement patterns to everyday tasks. It is not a given that skills learned in one position will be transferred to other tasks/positions.

For example, holding a neutral spine is far easier lying on your back than while walking and carrying something.

There are several basic movement patterns essential for a pain-free lifestyle. We use state of the art SEMG biofeedback to help you learn them, so you can "see" how your muscles are functioning until you learn how to "feel" it. This significantly decreases the time it takes to learn these movements.

​We facilitate you learning the basics and then apply them to things like getting out of a chair, climbing stairs, reaching for items in the cupboard, dishwasher or trunk or tying a shoe.

We also address the postural, ergonomic and biomechanical factors involved in sitting at a desk and sitting in a car and their impact on your neck, shoulder and back function.

We also help you integrate the movement patterns into your leisure pursuits like gardening, running, golfing, throwing darts, biking, etc.

Servicing the areas of Washingto, DC and Gainsville, VA.

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