A Little About 
Movement Performance Center
Here at the Movement Performance Center we are totally passionate about living and moving well and are eager to help resolve whatever is holding you back from doing so. We are located in Northern Virginia and provide services here in our clinic in Gainesville, Virginia; but can also bring our clinics and training to your facility.

What sets us apart from other programs is our knowledge, experience, and approach to care. We believe understanding the nuances of who you are and what your experiences have been are essential to your healing. We provide one on one care with the head therapist for each session and for the duration of your session. You will not be passed off to assistant therapists or see a different therapist every time you come in where you need to repeat your history again and again. You will not be asked to try some movements with a sheet of paper and be left floundering to accomplish it in fear you might actually be making things worse instead of better. We provide a supportive environment where we listen to your concerns, observe your movement and teach you healthy ways to move better. 

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